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Parhmoneys is a finance company specializing in personal loans for employees and pensioners, which provide for the repayment of the monthly installment through deduction on the payroll or pension, or with the assignment of the fifth. In fact, Parhmoneys offers various loan modalities with salary-backed loans, divided mainly according to the categories of recipients.

Parhmoneys loans for pensioners

Premoneys loans for pensioners

For pensioners Parhmoneys offers low-interest loans with a salary-backed loan thanks to an agreement signed with Inps. This offer is dedicated to INPS pensioners, former Inpdap and former Enpals who do not exceed 80 years at the end of the loan.

For this type of loan it is not necessary to ask the INPS personally for the transferability of the pension, that is a document that indicates the maximum amount of the loan installment based on the amount of the pension, but it is the same bank that will process the transferability. electronically with the social security institution. The monthly payment will in any case be up to a maximum of 1/5 of the net pension.

Parhmoneys’s offer for public, state and private employees


Public and state employees can request the transfer of a fifth with Parhmoneys , provided they have a permanent contract. Also in this case, the monthly payment to repay the loan will be equal to one fifth of the salary.

Parhmoneys also allows private employees aged 18 and 66 to access loans repayable through payroll deductions.

Other Parhmoneys products

Other Premoneys products

In addition to the sale of the fifth, Parhmoneys offers its customers the possibility of requesting delegated loans. This type of financing is similar to the sale of the fifth, as it may require employees or pensioners, withholding from the paycheck / pension. In fact, it is possible to combine a loan with the assignment of a fifth with a delegated loan to request larger amounts and therefore with monthly installments of up to two-fifths of the salary.

Assistance to Parhmoneys customers

Assistance to Premoneys customers

For any doubt or question, Parhmoneys customers can contact Customer Service by calling the toll-free number 800 26 26 26 or by sending an email to Alternatively on the site you can consult the section with the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the glossary of the terms most used in the contracts.

Parhmoneys: history and profile

Premoneys: history and profile

Parhmoneys SpA has been active since 1998 in the loan market with assignment of the fifth and delegation of payment. Since 2010 he is part of UBI Banca and thanks to an agreement with INPS has strengthened his presence in the panorama of loans to pensioners.