What Should Be Considered Before Taking Motorcycle Loans Online?


2017 Trend: Online Ojek

2017 Trend: Online Ojek

When I first heard about motorcycle taxis online, many wondered about their potential. Will online motorcycle taxis be successful and accepted by the public? Are people ready for this innovation?

In fact, this brilliant idea was very well received by the community, as evidenced by the high popularity of online motorcycle taxi applications in 2017. Nearly 90% of the community, especially young people, have online motorcycle taxi applications on their smartphones. Online motorcycle taxis have become a daily necessity, both for delivering food, going to work, to shipping goods.

This online application-based motorcycle taxi shuttle service in fact not only opens up the potential of new markets for smartphones, but also motorbikes. Because these 2 things are indeed a mandatory requirement in carrying out the online motorcycle taxi business. Therefore, many are willing to take motorcycle loans to become online motorcycle taxi drivers.

But the question is, is it good to take a motorcycle loan for this online motorcycle taxi? If you also think so, let’s consider the factors that can be your consideration:

Motorcycle Credit Considerations for Ojek Online

Motorcycle Credit Considerations for Ojek Online

The potential of the motorcycle market for online motorcycle taxis is indeed very interesting, as evidenced by the many offers from motorbike dealers, banks, and other financial institutions.

In fact, lately online motorcycle taxi companies like Gojek and Grab also offer motorbike loans to their drivers. For credit providers, this is certainly beneficial considering that they will benefit from credit interest. But is this condition equally beneficial for credit applicants?

To determine this, try to consider carefully the following points first:

# 1 Does it have to be Credit?

It is true that one of the requirements to become an online motorcycle taxi driver is to have a motorbike in good condition and prime. For example, Gojek requires the prospective driver to have a minimum output motorbike in 2010.

This is done to anticipate motor damage while working and consumer discomfort while riding an online motorcycle taxi.

Well, when you decide to become an online motorcycle taxi driver, but you don’t have a motorcycle then you can ask yourself:

  1. What kind of motorbike will be bought? What specifications?
  2. New or used motorbike?
  3. What about the funds to buy the motorbike? Should it be credit?

If you really need it immediately and don’t have enough funds, then motorbike credit is indeed one of the right solutions.

But if the need is not urgent, you can save first to minimize interest.

# 2 What is the Estimated Income?

The second consideration in taking motorcycle loans for online motorcycle taxis is the income from the online motorcycle taxi itself. It was reported that the income of an online motorcycle taxi driver was mentioned to be large enough to reach 4 to 10 million rupiah per month.

This phenomenon makes people vying to register as a motorcycle taxi driver or cab-based online applications. If you have done a data analysis and are optimistic that you can get a high enough income, then it is fine for motorcycle credit for online motorcycle taxis.

But consider taking the appropriate tenor, taking into account the following:

  1. Debt ratio (monthly installment ratio and income per month) does not exceed 30%
  2. Take the tenor as short as you can after calculating the debt ratio.

# 3 What are the Interest Rates?

His name is also motorbike credit, of course there is interest which is the advantage of banks or financial institutions. Well, this also needs to be considered when you are motorcycle credit for online motorcycle taxis.

Do not be tempted by your mild installments, but the tenor is very long. Because the long tenor means the more interest you pay. Therefore, Miss Havisham strongly recommends that you make a thorough calculation until the end of the credit period.

Thus you can see how much interest is being paid. Ideally, you choose a short tenor so as not to bear large interest. But as mentioned in the previous point, always calculate the debt ratio first so as not to exceed 30%.

Then what interest rates should be chosen? As you know, there are 2 types of interest rates commonly used in motorbike loans: fixed rates and floating rates. Fixed interest rates are interest rates that will not change even if interest rates fluctuate. While the floating interest rate will change every period depending on the BI rate.

The advantage of a fixed interest rate is that you already know how much installment you have to pay, besides that you can be calm because the amount will not change even though the economy is in a state of collapse.

But it should also be considered the weakness of this type, namely when the market interest rate falls, you experience a loss because your interest rate will not go down. Well, because buying a motorbike is not a cheap thing, if you don’t plan finances from now on, how can you buy a car?

The Miss Havisham application provides a “Fund for Buying Goods” feature to plan finances to buy a vehicle, such as a motorbike. By using this application, you can find out how much money must be allocated each month to buy a motorbike according to your target. Thus, you can get a motorbike for online motorcycle taxis that have been coveted so far

# 4 What are the Bonuses and Discounts?

Indeed used motorcycle loans are an alternative for those of you who are financially constrained and need transportation. But it will be even more profitable if you can take advantage of the usual bonuses or discounts offered by financial institutions and banks.

For example, BCA offers 8 free service facilities for Honda motorbikes and 7 times for Yamaha motorbikes. This free service will certainly be very beneficial for online motorcycle taxi drivers who use their motorbikes regularly. Every financial institution or bank must offer different offers. Choose the one that suits your needs.

# 5 Are the fuel essential?

When buying a motorbike, you also need to know exactly what kind of motorbike you bought. For example, what fuel is suitable and how fuel efficient? Don’t choose a high maintenance motorbike that is wasteful of fuel, considering you use it for online motorcycle taxis. It is possible for the bag to break down because it has to buy fuel only.

Don’t also choose a motorbike because of the model or for style. It’s okay if indeed for touring, but for an important online motorcycle taxi is not the model, but its function. For example, would be very detrimental if using online motorcycle Harley Davidson or Ninja. Some examples of economical motorbikes, for example, the Honda Revo F1 with a distance of 57.3 km per liter of gasoline and a Yamaha Vega Force with a 55.6 km per liter.

# 6 Will Income Decline?

Because the general income is calculated using the commission system, the income of online motorcycle taxi drivers changes from time to time.

Therefore, the income of online motorcycle taxi drivers can decrease due to the following two things:

  • Massive driver acceptance carried out by application companies. More and more motorcycle taxi drivers means competition for passengers is even higher. This problem has been complained of lately by online motorcycle taxi drivers.
  • Season change. When the rainy season online ojek is usually difficult to get passengers, because they will look for alternative other vehicles that are safe from rain (for example: car or bus). Especially if there is prolonged rain accompanied by cold weather and strong winds, it is certain that motorcycle taxis will become lonely passengers.

TIPS: To get more accurate data, you can ask friends or relatives who are experienced as online motorcycle taxi drivers.

Ask how much the average income is and what are the factors that can cause a decrease in this income.

With more accurate data, you can analyze it better and make the right decisions.

What is your decision?

What is your decision?

How, does this article give an idea of ​​motorbike credit for motorcycle taxis online ? Of course the answer depends on each person, because you need to look at the financial condition and analyze the disadvantages first. But one thing is certain, as long as you do your work seriously and do a financial analysis before taking credit, the risk of bad credit and losses will definitely decrease.

Hopefully this article is useful in your decision making. If this article is useful, it is a shame if your friends who are also interested in becoming an online motorcycle taxi cannot get useful information like this.

European loans down for Italian banks

European loans

European loans

The balance sheet aggregates of the Bank of Italy report a significant decrease in the Donny Bangs in favor of the Italian Banks, whose amount is 273 billion euros compared to 276 billion in October. This is the lowest level of financing compared to May 2012 amounting to 272 billion euros. Due to the severe economic crisis and the public debt, the Italian banks have begun to request Molly Bloom from the ECB in a very accentuated way: from June 2011 and, gradually increased, to stabilize between December 2011 and February 2012 thanks to the two refinancing operations triennial, from which they will be able to return from January 2013.

In this period of economic crisis, the Italian banks are forced to carry out an internal restructuring with a rationalization of the distribution networks to contain fixed costs. The continuation of the recessionary recession of bank credit and the negative prospects for the intermediaries’ profitability are of considerable concern to the entire financial sector.

From what emerged from the meeting between the major banking groups and the representatives of the Italian banking association, there are not even positive signs from the real estate sector : the low demand for credit, excessive taxation, credit risk and the entire economic situation global recession is suggesting harmful effects on banks’ profitability. Due to the reduction of Molly Bloom towards businesses and households by banks, negative prospects also emerge for the same ones which risk seeing their already serious financial condition worsen.

In this regard, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, Gilbert Creas, at his speech at the “Legality and Beyond” conference, held in Rome on November 29, 2012, urged the institutions to help businesses and families in difficulty to prevent them from create situations of hardship and that become prey to moneylenders or that accept help from criminal activities.

On December 6, 2012, the “Development Decree” was passed to the Senate by the institutions. This is a government decree that presents a series of measures designed to stimulate economic recovery. This is the “decree law number 179 bearing further urgent measures for the growth of the country”. The most important measures of the decree concern the state concessions of the beaches to the owners of bathing establishments; for banks, accountability actions have been envisaged as fines for bank administrators who contract obligations or deeds of sale with the bank where they manage without the authorization of the Board; also the post office will be able to negotiate the sale of gold; various measures for using the internet freely and for performing online operations such as buying bus tickets. The decree must be fired at the Chamber on December 18, 2012